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Jeralyn Lawrence Argues Before New Jersey Supreme Court

Jeralyn Lawrence argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court on November 29, 2021. The argument was regarding the enforceability, defenses and attorney review requirement of palimony agreements. Ms. Lawrence appeared on behalf of the New Jersey chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as amicus curiae in support of reversing an Appellate Division ruling….

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Protecting Your Premarital Real Estate Assets in a Divorce

If you are a real estate investor, your portfolio may be one of the most important parts of your overall financial picture. In some cases, you may have begun your career as a real estate investor before you married, while in other cases, you may have launched your business after the wedding. Divorce can be…

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The Evolution and Regression of Grandparent Visitation Rights in New Jersey

Grandparent Visitation Rights in New Jersey Grandparents play an important and necessary role in a child’s life, often providing a generous source of love, support and acceptance which complements, rather than conflicts with the role of the parents. In New Jersey, the law implemented by courts when determining the rights of grandparents to enjoy visitation…

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Why Parents Seek a Child Support Modification

While the average nationwide child support payment is $430 per month, it is usually much higher in New Jersey due to the higher cost of living. In some cases, that may be too little or too much based on changes in the parents’ finances. Here is some information on when one parent could request a…

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Grandparents Can Petition for Visitation and Custody

Throughout the United States, there are over 2.7 million grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Sometimes, individuals do not have ready access to the grandchildren, or they feel that they need to involve the court to gain custody. When that happens, grandparents have the right to file a motion in court to have a hearing…

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How to Talk to Your Partner About a Prenuptial Agreement

When polled, 62% of divorce lawyers said they have seen an increase in the number of their clients seeking a prenuptial agreement. However, going from interest to actually having a signed agreement requires a great deal of talking and negotiation. Here is how you should raise the topic of a prenuptial agreement with your partner….

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