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Jeralyn Lawrence quoted in “My Marriage Wasn’t Legal. What Happens to My House?” Article on

  Q. I’m a veteran and bought my house via a VA loan. I was always the only one on the loan. My wife and I were together as husband and wife on the deed. When she died a few years ago, I recorded a new deed just with my own name. Over a year…

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High-Conflict Divorce and Narcissists

Divorcing a Narcissist Divorce can often be challenging for anyone in New Jersey, even when the end of the marriage is relatively amicable. It remains not only an emotional challenge but also a significant legal, financial and practical time of transition. The regular difficulties associated with divorce can be exacerbated, however, when one of the…

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Jeralyn Lawrence Argued Before the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Amici on Behalf of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers New Jersey Chapter and the Court Issued a Decision
  Jeralyn Lawrence argued before the Supreme Court of New Jersey as amici on behalf of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, New Jersey Chapter and the court issued a decision. The Supreme Court invalidated the statutory provision requiring palimony agreements to be entered into with advice of counsel as unconstitutional.  The AAML participated as... Read More
Keeping Your Divorce Child-Centered

Having a Child-Centered Divorce When New Jersey parents decide to end their marriage, they may be most concerned about how to protect their children and care for them throughout the process. Divorce can come with a lot of emotional stress and pain as well as uncertainty about the future, and children may struggle when dealing…

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Should You Settle Your Divorce Out of Court?

Settling a Divorce vs. Going to Court Couples divorcing in New Jersey may want to end their marriage as quickly as possible, but each divorce is very different. Some people may find it easy to sit down with their divorce lawyers and reach a settlement, while others may have high levels of conflict over every…

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Jeralyn Lawrence Interview by Jessie Frees on Radio WMTR 1250

  Jeralyn Lawrence was interviewed by Jessie Frees’ “Ask the Expert” on Radio WMTR 1250.   Listen to the interview.

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