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FAQ Friday: What is Mediation?

Today’s FAQ Friday features Amy Shimalla addressing the question: What is Mediation?

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Rights of Unmarried Couples When the Relationship Ends

In New Jersey, divorces of married couples and civil union couples are subject to certain financial rights and obligations that unmarried couples do not acquire, even if they lived together and supported each other in a long-term relationship.  Traditional divorce law regarding alimony and distribution of assets do not apply to unmarried couples. For example,…

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Arbitration As The Alternative Means

Divorce Arbitration vs. a Divorce Trial If you are considering divorcing your New Jersey spouse and assume that the matter will end up in litigation, divorce attorneys caution that you will likely be waiting a while. The reason is that the courts are facing a staggering number of judicial vacancies, and as a result, most…

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Divorce Counseling: The Good and the Bad

The Good and Bad of Divorce Counseling Family court systems favor combining divorce mediation and divorce therapy as it can be an effective way to solve problems and reach agreements with minimal involvement from judges. According to recent industry surveys, most divorce attorneys, mental health professionals, and social workers who specialize in divorce agree with…

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Jeralyn Lawrence Interview by Jessie Frees of WMTR 1250 AM Radio Station – Part II

Jessie Frees of WMTR 1250 AM Radio Station’s host of Ask The Expert interviewed Divorce and Family Lawyer Jeralyn Lawrence.  This is Part II of a five part series of transcripts from the radio interview with Jeralyn. Ask The Expert Host Jessie Frees of WMTR 1250 AM Radio Station Interview with Divorce and Family Law…

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