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Nesting has some pitfalls

The Pitfalls of Nesting and How to Avoid Them While nesting as a strategy isn’t a new concept, more parents than ever are opting for it in the hopes of mitigating the negative effects of their divorce on their children. Nesting can certainly be difficult for the adults, and divorce attorneys generally advise a written…

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Co-parenting an adolescent child

The Challenges of Co-parenting Adolescent Children More than 30% of American children do not live with both parents and are instead in some form of co-parenting arrangement. Parental divorce can have a substantial negative impact on children that disrupts their maturation, mental health, education, and other important issues. Family lawyers also warn that the difficulties…

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Why Choose New Jersey Divorce Arbitration?

How Arbitration Could Help Resolve Your Divorce Divorce can be a difficult and challenging time for many New Jersey couples, and while some of them may be able to quickly reach a resolution to their dispute, many others remain far apart on key issues, including child support or asset division. At the same time, divorce…

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Child as a Witness in a New Jersey Divorce?

One of the most difficult issues a family law attorney faces is when a child is a witness to, or has important information about, an issue in his or her parent’s divorce case. I have never had a child provide a certification to the court.  I also never called a child as a witness.  Even…

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Divorce Litigation v. Divorce Collaboration

In reality, the vast majority of divorce cases settle. It is a rare case that is tried to conclusion. The damage done to the parties and, more importantly, the children after a divorce trial is severe and pervasive. I would say it is probably so traumatic that one never truly recovers from the wreckage of…

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Taking my divorce case to trial in New Jersey, now what?

I author many articles that deal with the settlement of a divorce or family law case. While it is true that most cases settle, there are a small percentage of New Jersey cases (1%-2%) that do not settle.  A Judge decides the fate of the litigants when there is no settlement. While I strongly urge…

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