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If I Have an Uncooperative Spouse, Can I Still Get Divorced in New Jersey?

When you decide to divorce your spouse, you may look forward to getting the process over with as quickly as possible. However, your spouse may have other ideas. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for one person to refuse to cooperate during a divorce. If this is the case, you may worry that the process will stall…

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Are Alimony Payments Dependent On the Length of My Marriage?

When you and your spouse divorce, it can impact every aspect of your life, but none more so than your finances. Unfortunately, you may find that you may be unable to support yourself without your spouse’s income. As such, you may be able to receive spousal support payments from your ex. However, you may worry…

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Can I Refuse to Send My Child for Court-Ordered Visitation in New Jersey?

Unfortunately, divorce is often a highly-contentious period for everyone involved. If one parent has primary or sole custody, the courts may have ordered visitation to ensure they can maintain a relationship with their child. However, you may find that you do not like sending your child to see their other parent. Though you may disagree,…

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What Are the Financial Benefits of Collaborative Divorces in New Jersey?

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, you may both be in agreement that you should speed the process up. Unfortunately, in the rush to divorce, one party may receive fewer assets than they deserve. To avoid this, you and your spouse may agree to try working together. However, many are unfamiliar…

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What Can I Do to Co-Parent Effectively Following a New Jersey Divorce?

Going through a divorce is a challenging time for parents and children alike. As such, ensuring you and your ex-spouse take the necessary steps to co-parent effectively can help make this difficult time easier for everyone involved. Luckily, the following blog explores some of the most crucial tips to help you and your ex-spouse work…

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