Jeralyn Lawrence Featured in NJ Family Magazine’s Mompreneur, Women in Business


Our Founder, Jeralyn Lawrence, was featured in NJ Family Magazine’s Mompreneur, Women in Business issue. Jeralyn answers numerous questions about her business including what inspired her to open her own business.
Jeralyn Lawrence Divorce Lawyer
What inspired you to start your business?
After more than twenty years as an attorney working for someone else, I knew I needed to control my own destiny and financial future to be truly happy and secure.
What sets your business and brand apart?
We are a divorce and family law firm whose team has been together for many years. We work very hard to strategize with our clients and meet their goals.
What was your proudest/happiest moment as a business owner?
After all the design, decisions, details and dilemmas, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything became real. Watching my children watch me open up the firm was very special.
What’s your best seller/most requested product/service?
Divorce or post-divorce issues are the most common matters we handle. People need help getting through the struggles inherent in divorce and we are highly experienced in all facets of the law.
What do you love most about what you do?
I became an attorney to help people. We assist clients in need and help them get to a much better place in their lives.
What are you/your business best known for?
We are top notch legal counsel in family law. We assist clients with divorce, litigation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative, child custody, child support, domestic violence, parenting time disputes, pre-nuptial agreements and post judgement matters. We also represent clients who have children and never married but have family disputes. We pride ourselves on being both compassionate and effective. Our clients can trust us to be with them every step and to help them reach their best outcome. We are fierce advocates when needed but also know how to bring about successful resolution.
What was your most memorable experience with a customer/client? A moment when you knew your business was nailing it?
When I represented a wife and her husband became a very good referral source as he wished he had me as his lawyer.
What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about running your own business?
Who you surround yourself with is critical to your happiness and success. Stay open to new ideas and be nimble, for challenges will surely come, and the more adaptable you are the better chance you can remain balanced and grow.
How do you juggle being a business owner with family demands?
Day by day and most times minute by minute. I need to constantly prioritize, but family always comes first.
What’s next for you and your business? What new services/products are you excited to offer?
I want Lawrence Law to be in the forefront of New Jersey divorce law by providing great service to our clients in all matters. We love the fact that we can offer greater flexibility and value by using video conferencing technology for consultations, mediations, meetings, and court appearances. We strive to provide the best legal representation to those going through very difficult times.
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