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Co-Parenting with an Abusive Former Spouse

Is Co-Parenting Possible With an Abusive Former Spouse? Studies show that domestic violence has occurred at least once in two-thirds of all marriages, and some observers have estimated that it is the reason for at least 25% of all divorces. Many divorce attorneys believe that the actual numbers are much higher based on the cases…

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Communicating During and After Your Divorce

How to Achieve Healthy Communication During and After Your Divorce It’s no secret that divorce is tough. Not only are you grieving the loss of your marriage, but you are also navigating a confusing and emotional legal process. On top of all that, you are still expected to communicate with your spouse about things like…

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Protecting Children From an Alcoholic Co-Parent

Monitoring Co-Parents for Abuse of Alcohol Approximately 35% of all divorces in the U.S. cite substance abuse as a reason, and research shows that people married to alcoholics divorce at a much higher rate. More than 60% of divorces involve couples who have younger children, and for parents with alcoholic spouses, this is not a…

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How Will Divorce Impact Your Credit Score?

Your Credit Score and Divorce: What You Need to Know Your credit score is used for everything from renting an apartment to getting favorable rates on a car loan. Unfortunately, the wrong decisions during a divorce can tank this important indicator. To protect your finances, you need to fully understand the way divorce will change…

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Jeralyn Lawrence Interview by Jessie Frees of WMTR 1250 AM Radio Station – Part I

Jessie Frees of WMTR 1250 AM Radio Station’s host of Ask The Expert interviewed Jeralyn Lawrence.  This is Part I of a five part series of transcripts from the radio interview with Jeralyn. Ask The Expert Host Jessie Frees of WMTR 1250 AM Radio Station Interview with Divorce and Family Law Attorney Jeralyn Lawrence –…

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Appealing a Divorce Decree in New Jersey

Divorce Appeals in New Jersey Sometimes, you are unhappy with the judge’s decision in a divorce hearing or trial. While the legal options are limited, some individuals may be able to appeal the divorce decree. Here are a few points to consider if you want to make an appeal to a higher court in New…

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