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Alimony Basics in New Jersey

Generally speaking, alimony is often the hardest part of my job. Unlike child support, there are no alimony guidelines. Alimony is based on statutory factors and case law interpreting these factors. 12 New Jersey statutory factors: The actual need and ability of the parties to pay. The duration of the marriage. The parties’ age, physical…

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Alimony Duration & Exceptional Circumstances

In 2014, the New Jersey statute governing alimony was amended to modify certain provisions.  One of the changes was the alimony duration.  The statute, absent exceptional circumstances, alimony duration may not be longer than the length of the marriage. In the recent Appellate Division case of B.G. v. E.G, the court found exceptional circumstances, and…

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What is an uncontested divorce hearing in New Jersey?

Statistically speaking, 97%-98% of all divorce cases settle before trial. Of the remaining 2%-3%, half of those cases settle during trial. If you are going through a divorce, it is safe to say that your case will settle. I tell my clients that generally it is not a matter of “if,” but a matter of…

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Jeralyn Lawrence Spoke on Alimony at NJICLE 2018 Fall CLEfest

Jeralyn L. Lawrence, Founder and Managing Member of Lawrence Law, LLC, in Watchung, NJ, spoke on alimony at the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education’s Fall CLEfest on Monday, November 19, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin.  

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: How Does it Impact Divorce?

  The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law on December 22, 2017, by President Donald J. Trump.  The Act leaves family lawyers eager to understand its implications in preparation for an overwhelming number of questions from clients. The Act repeals the deduction for the alimony payments and their inclusion as income to…

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