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Keeping Your Divorce Child-Centered

Having a Child-Centered Divorce When New Jersey parents decide to end their marriage, they may be most concerned about how to protect their children and care for them throughout the process. Divorce can come with a lot of emotional stress and pain as well as uncertainty about the future, and children may struggle when dealing…

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Should You Settle Your Divorce Out of Court?

Settling a Divorce vs. Going to Court Couples divorcing in New Jersey may want to end their marriage as quickly as possible, but each divorce is very different. Some people may find it easy to sit down with their divorce lawyers and reach a settlement, while others may have high levels of conflict over every…

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Selling the Marital Home During a Divorce

Divorce and the Family Home The marital home can be an emotional topic for many New Jersey couples who are deciding to divorce. Of course, couples living in a relatively new home may feel less emotional attachment to their residence. However, couples who have shared a joint home for years, especially if they have raised…

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What Is the Role of a Divorce Coach?

How to Tell If You Need a Divorce Coach When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you may need to contact a family law attorney right away. Working with a divorce lawyer can help to protect your interests and prepare for the next stage to come. However, while your lawyer will be your key…

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How Can Parents Tell Their Kids About Their Divorce?

Telling Your Children That You Are Getting a Divorce New Jersey parents who decide to divorce may worry about how best to inform their children. Even if the parents have been arguing or experiencing a very difficult relationship for some time, it can come as a shock to the kids if their parents decide to…

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How Social Media Could Impact Your Divorce

Using Social Media During a Divorce Many people may be concerned that social media has had a negative effect on their marriage. However, social media can also have a negative effect on divorce. People who are going through a divorce in New Jersey may keep some key guidelines and tips in mind in order to…

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