Divorce for Police Officers in New Jersey

Growing up as the daughter of a police officer in New Jersey, and now as a divorce lawyer, I have always admired and respected the men and women in blue.  Likewise, I saw the pride my father had every day when wearing his uniform, the respect he received from the public and his satisfaction in making our community safer. My dad retired at a relatively young age with a fantastic pension which he earned through all of his years of service on the job.

Challenges Facing Police Officers

There are many benefits to having a career in law enforcement.  On the other hand, there are special challenges for police officers. The job requires long hours and shift work – and missed holidays. As such, this unique schedule can be a challenge.  The officer does not get enough consistent sleep and is often away from home. Another difficulty is the level of stress while on the job. Law enforcement professionals are often in harm’s way, are exposed to violence and tragedy, and witness gruesome scenes. This stress certainly wears on police officers.

Divorce Issues Facing Police Officers

All the above can affect marriage and family life. Therefore, studies show that police officers divorce at a higher rate than other occupations. I represent, and have represented, many police officers or spouses over the years.  Most of the divorce issues for police are the same as other people.  These issues are child support and alimony, custody, parenting time, and equitable distribution. However, there is one unique aspect to handling a divorce for the law enforcement professional. It is important for an attorney to know the requirements of the Police and Firemen Retirement System. The retirement benefits of the police officer can be the most valuable asset of a family. It is crucial to protect retirement benefits.

We understand the demands and constraints of law enforcement and how marriage is impacted. Please contact me at jlawrence@lawlawfirm.com if you have any questions about this blog post or other family law matters.

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